January 2022

For purposes of this Policy:

  • “Customer Data” means recorded data or information in any form, regardless of physical form or characteristic, provided by Customer and received by Factimize
    • Customer Data includes without limitation all electronic information (such as emails, text messages, portable document format electronic files (PDF), documents, voicemails, pictures, videos, images, and/or recordings), and copies of all documents, papers, letters, cards, books, maps, photographs, blueprints, microfilm, magnetic tape, electronic media (including information stored on computers), removable media and devices, and any other media for recording information.
    • Customer Data does NOT include anonymized and aggregated data or information generated from Customer Data and from other resources.
  • “Customer Record” means:
    • Customer Data, and 
    • Reports and information generated by Factimize using non-anonymized and non-aggregated Customer Data, which include Data Analysis Summary Reports. 
  • “Retention Period” means the period beginning on the date of final delivery of Factimize products and ending one year thereafter. 

Customer may designate a third party, such as a legal professional, mental health professional, or other third party, to have access to any Customer Record. By doing so, Customer assumes full responsibility for all Customer Records released to the third party. Factimize takes no responsibility for ensuring any Customer Records which are released to third parties are retained, deleted, or destroyed. 

Customer Data received by Factimize is stored in the Factimize PatternViewer application, until the earlier of:

  1. Expiration of the Retention Period; or 
  2. A written request to delete or destroy all Customer Records from Customer which is approved and authorized by a designated senior official of Factimize. 

Any Customer request to delete or destroy Customer Data also must certify there is no legal action to produce Customer Records or any part thereof, nor does Customer, to the best of their knowledge, have any expectation of any such legal action. Only the CEO, COO, or Chief Legal Officer of Factimize are authorized to delete or destroy Customer Records. Upon proper Customer request and Factimize authorized approval, Customer Records will be deleted or destroyed at then-current Factimize prices and using then-current Factimize procedures.