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By utilizing proven techniques to identify patterns in behaviors, we are able to graphically represent and present evidence that such behaviors are present and a threat to the child.

We Can Help You Recognize The Patterns


Why Factimize?

When children are involved in a marriage going through a divorce, they are likely to become innocent victims.

If you’re in this situation, don’t let the legal process turn against you and hurt you and your children.

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How We Do It

The Factimize PatternViewer team uses a simple, repeatable method to transform your electronic communication files into infographic displays that anyone can quickly understand.

This can become a vital tool in your custody battle.

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Our experienced Factimize PatternViewer staff are trained to help you get through these potentially difficult battles ahead of you.

We would love to assist you in visually displaying your case.

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"The PatternViewer report bolstered my claim and showed a clear pattern of concerning behavior by my Co-Parent."

Southeastern Co-Parent

Why Factimize?


Factimize tells your story in simple-to-understand pictures because a picture is worth a thousand words.  Your story is created with your own emails, text messages, voicemails, videos, and other electronic media.  Factimize develops graphical timeline displays, called infographics, which explain your story to attorneys, counselors, psychologists, evaluators, and the court systems.


"This report significantly impacted my life and was the armor I needed to head into battle feeling confident and secure."

Eastern Seaboard Co-Parent

Find Out How To Protect Your Children

Factimize infographics help everyone understand the big picture, especially in cases where parents are being overwhelmed with narcissistic, borderline, or antisocial patterns of behavior.

Parents have used Factimize infographics to help family law courts make better, more informed decisions based on the best interests of the children.  Factimize has been used to change legal custody, residential schedules, and child support, and to be awarded attorney’s fees.

How We Do It

We bring order out of chaos by taking a huge amount of your communication data, entering it into your own account, tagging it, and creating infographics to make your story easy to understand

Chronicle Files

Chronicle each file uploaded to your secure account by setting the event date for each file.

Sort & Organize

Sort and organize each file into chronological and event-based groups so each file can be quickly searched and recalled.

Tag Files - Events/Behaviors

Tag each file for behaviors or events to recognize clusters of files representing certain activities or behaviors.

Create Infographics

Create infographics to describe your story in easy-to-understand pictures.

Bring Order Out of Chaos

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